Adult Lessons

Private lessons

  • Private lessons 30 mins stud/conc $45 adults 50
  • Private lessons 60 mins stud/conc $85 adults 90
  • Private Intensives 5 x 30 min class over 2 weeks – $200

Groups & Recording

  • Group performance Class 60 minutes stud conc/45 adults 50 (max 8)
  • Power punch lessons – 15 minutes stud/conc $25 adults $30
  • Shared lessons – 30 min – stud/conc $25 adults $30
  • Larger group class stud/conc $30 adults $35 (max 30)
  • Choir stud conc $30 adults $35
  • Amateur Recording sessions $85/$90

Professional Lessons

  • Professional Trainer $180 an hour
  • $100 for 30 mins
  • $50 for 15 minute power punch
The Professional Singing Lifestyle

Over time and for different reasons, professional singers may discover that they develop vocal issues. A professional voice can still experience fatigue, which can reduce range, control and quality of the voice, weakened support systems or feel unchallenged or frustrated in their line of work.

This is not uncommon in the music industry with professional artists. Whatever the issue may be, we can help you tackle these problem areas and improve the quality of your singing lifestyle. We offer intensive coaching leading up to performance events or specialised lessons in artist packaging. We stick to your vision and work with you to bring the best out of you

Teacher Training Program

We also have a teacher training program that can develop your teaching skills, which is a great job that can provide stable income as you are building your singing career. The teacher training program provides you with an introduction on how to train a voice. You are given both theoretical and hands-on practical training tasks throughout the structured program.

Candidates for the program are chosen based on vocal ability, teaching potential and an interview. Program fee’s apply and limited candidates placements per program. Send your resume in for the next intake. Graduates of this program are then eligible to apply for work within Unlock Your Voice and recieve the full training necessary to meet the standards of teaching at the school. Contact us for more information!