Singing Warm up video – foundations Level 1

This is the first of a series of singing training videos we are producing to help students practice during the week. More to come on building your range, correct breathing and support, vocal flexibility with runs and licks, and specific guidance for pull chest tendencies. Please make a comment if you would like some topics…

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What if I don’t have much time to practice?

It’s the tricky question. How much practice is enough and what happens if I don’t practice enough? The good news is that even without practicing much you will see results!! Just starting to change the way you think about your voice and understand how it works makes things start to shift and open up. I…

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Developing Your range and connection over your first bridge

Hi all. Hope you are having an amazing week. So here’s our latest quick training video. It’s starting to develop your range and connection over your first bridge. For most people that’s the section where you start to feel like you are moving into the higher area of your voice and it goes weak or…

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Can anyone sing?

It’s the age old question? Is anyone a singer? I hear the story time and time again of how as a child people would make comments like “don’t give up your day job” or “maybe singings not your thing” or bluntly “you can’t sing”. Dreams are crushed and little hearts give up. However, so many…

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How to practice singing effectively

voice coach Sydney

1. Warmups   An important part of singing is learning how to warm up your voice correctly. Your vocal chords are a muscle and so they need to be warmed up the right way to prevent damage and fatigue. Just like if you went for a run you wouldn’t do it without stretching and warming…

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