Welcome To Unlock Your Voice

Beginners to professionals, singing lessons Randwick are for everyone

Come and have singing lessons with Angie Walker at our Randwick studio in Sydney! Whether you are a beginner or a professional who has been singing all your life, you can learn techniques to improve all areas of your singing, speaking and performance.

We can help you achieve your singing goals whilst having lots of fun. All our singing lesson students say they wish they had started sooner!! BOOK YOUR SINGING LESSON TODAY and get started on your rewarding journey to unlock your voice…

Unlock Your Voice provides the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You may be a beginner wanting to sing in tune or an advanced singer preparing for live performances or studio recordings. We provide you with tailored techniques and expertise in your singing lessons to support you every step of the way and help you to achieve your singing goals.

common vocal challenges

  • Extending your range
  • Developing your high notes
  • Developing your low notes
  • Performance skills
  • Increased stamina and longevity when you sing
  • Increased volume and power
  • How to sing in tune
  • Managing performance nerves
  • Volume control and reduction
  • Tonal quality development
  • Developing vocal runs and flexibility (licks)
  • Healing and preventing vocal damange and fatigue

Whether you have an interest in personal enjoyment, performance, acapella, recording or songwriting we have highly trained teachers to help you meet your goals and dreams.

We have seen it over and over again and we can’t wait to help you find your voice and confidence in singing. Whether you like Jazz, Modern, R&B, Rock, Musical Theatre, Indie, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Rap, Pop, Gospel, Folk and more – LEARN TO INCREASE YOUR VOCAL RANGE, STRENGTHEN AND BUILD CONFIDENCE IN ALL GENRES!!

We have found that anyone can learn to sing and enjoy their voice with our singing lessons. Music is such a huge part of our culture that most people will benefit from building confidence with their voice for personal enjoyment or to use in social environments.

Voice training, vocal exercises and vocal health tips (including how to prevent vocal damage) are all a part of our speach level styled singing lesson programs. If you are interested in touring, recording, gigging or maybe auditioning for X-Factor, Australia’s Got Talent or The Voice you will need good vocal technique to last the distance!! We have helped many aspiring singers to get ready for high intensity vocal demands like these.


  • I used to sing and it was painful. Within 3 weeks of singing lessons with Angie all the pain was gone. I'm feeling more confident about my voice and have more volume and understand my voice much better now.

  • It is with great pleasure that we recommend Angie Walker as the world's greatest singing teacher. Angie, you make singing lessons lots of fun while teaching real skills to take singing to another level. You've taught the disciples of voice training, encouraged me to try a variety of genre and given me the opportunity to perform in public.

  • Every singing lesson has been a learning curb, I am astounded by the difference that lessons have made to my singing. I originally thought singing lessons might help improve things 'a litte' but the difference from before I started is really hard to believe. Of course as a beginner I was more than a little nervous about singing but the wonderful warm and supportive environment created in the lessons helps a lot.

  • I started getting singing lessons with Unlock Your Voice at the start of last year, and since then I can hear the change in my voice, not to mention the people around me have noticed also. I have been to many different singing teachers over the years, and I can say in all honesty that this school has the best teachers and teaching I have ever had.