Develop your teaching skills

Our teacher training program can develop your teaching skills, which can lead to a rewarding career in the vocal teaching industry. The 10-week teacher training program provides you with an introduction on how to train a voice. You are given both theoretical and hands-on practical training tasks throughout the structured program.

We also run programs for practicing singing teachers who are wanting guidance in their growth and development.  Whether you are beginning as a teacher or have been teaching for years and would like feedback, consultancy or input with your school or students.  Our 10-week hands-on next step and business development course for teachers starting out helps with launching your school, curriculum guidelines and development, vocal assessment techniques and business and web development training.  We also offer private training and consultancy sessions on an on-going basis to help you as you establish and build your school tailored to your specific requirements.

Program fees apply and limited candidates placements available per program. Send your expression of interest in for the next intake. Graduates of this program are then eligible to apply for work within Unlock Your Voice and receive the full training necessary to meet the standards of teaching at the school. Contact us for more information!

0474 294 022