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Voice training, vocal exercises and vocal health tips (including how to prevent vocal damage) are all a part of our speech level styled singing lesson programs. If you are interested in touring, recording, gigging or maybe auditioning for X-Factor, Australia’s Got Talent or The Voice you will need good vocal technique to last the distance!! We have helped many aspiring singers to get ready for high intensity vocal demands like these.

Join THOUSANDS of happy students today: Learn to sing!

Whether you have an interest in singing classes for personal enjoyment, performance, acapella, recording or song writing we have highly trained teachers to help you meet your goals and dreams. Our singing teachers are located in Randwick and Potts Point, helping to provide vocal lessons for students across Sydney and allowing everyone to realize their true potential.


We have seen it over and over again and we can’t wait to help you find your voice and confidence in singing. We have a singing coach that is perfect for your individual needs and ready to work with you; to be the teacher that transforms the way you sing! Whether you like Jazz, Modern, R&B, Rock, Musical Theatre, Indie, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Rap, Pop, Gospel, Folk and more – LEARN TO INCREASE YOUR VOCAL RANGE, STRENGTHEN AND BUILD CONFIDENCE IN ALL GENRES!!


We have found that anyone can learn to sing and enjoy their voice in our singing studio. Music is such a huge part of our culture that most people will benefit from building confidence with their voice for personal enjoyment or to use in social environments. We are one of Sydney’s premier singing schools and want to help you to achieve your goals no matter how grand or humble.

Singing Lessons


Ready to launch into new possibilities with your singing TEACHING CAREER in 2023?

Now is the time to jump in and move to the next level with a mentor!


Beginners to professionals singing lessons

Come and join us for private or group singing lessons in Bondi Junction, Sydney with Angie Caldwell and her team from Unlock Your Voice at our Bondi Junction studio! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can learn techniques to improve all areas of your singing, speaking and performance. We offer singing lessons for adults, kids, teens and everyone in-between, so no matter your age we have vocal lessons that are perfect for YOU.


Singing lessons can help you achieve your vocal goals and personal confidence whilst having lots of fun. All our students say they wish they had started sooner!! BOOK YOUR SINGING CLASSES TODAY and get started on your rewarding journey to unlock your voice…

Unlock Your Voice provides the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You may be a beginner wanting to sing in tune or an advanced singer preparing for live performances or studio recordings. Singing lessons provide you with tailored techniques and expertise in your singing lessons to support you every step of the way and help you go to the next level!

Yes. It can be learned.

Ready to launch into new possibilities with your singing in 2023?

Now is the time to jump in and move to the next level with your vocal freedom!


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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific age for when to learn to sing. Unlock Your Voice has successfully taught students as young as seven and adults as mature as seventy. Vocal instruction is beneficial for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

We recommend different lessons for everyone. For

  • students with limited vocal experience or those under high school age, vocal cords are still developing, and singing can be strenuous. It’s crucial not to strain a developing voice.
  • students with substantial vocal training, such as multiple years in a choir or previous voice lessons, we strongly encourage opting for a forty-five-minute or hour-long lesson.
  • High school students aspiring to excel in All-State Competitions or pursue music majors in college should consider an hour-long lesson. This duration allows for in-depth learning, extensive song exploration, sight-reading improvement, and advanced vocal and performance techniques.

In a regular lesson, approximately half the time is dedicated to vocal technique. Depending on the student’s needs, we cover topics like:

  • Tone Quality
  • Breath Management and Support
  • Onset and Release of Tone
  • Registration (Chest and Head Voice)
  • Vowel Modification
  • Expanding Vocal Range and Volume
  • Acting Techniques
  • Language and Diction Skills

The second half of the singing lesson focuses on an individual song, applying the newly acquired vocal techniques. We also address stylistic choices and sight-reading skills. The lesson concludes with setting vocal goals for practice and summarizing key takeaways.

Daily singing practice is essential to achieve perfection. Singing is a physical activity, and daily practice helps develop muscle memory, enhancing efficiency over time. Practicing with a clear objective in mind often yields quicker results. We recommend a dedicated 25-30 minutes of daily practice for most students. Professionals or those with extensive training may engage in practice sessions lasting an hour or more.

Absolutely. We are committed to helping students select appropriate pieces for competitions, performances, and auditions. As an active performer, he is dedicated to guiding students in achieving their performance-related goals. Unlock Your Voice offers support and expertise to enhance your chances of success.