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We have helped hundreds of adults from all age ranges to unlock their voice. Whether it’s for a hobby or to learn professional singing, we help you achieve your vocal dreams. And who knows – you might love it so much you take it further. We see it all the time! We can’t wait to help you start your singing journey.

Advanced & Professional

We can take you where you want to go.


With our 25 years industry experience we can teach you what you need and show you the pathway to your goals and aspirations. We provide plenty of performance opportunities and exposure for you as a singer. We arrange performances in and around Sydney at music venues and host open-mic nights, performance group classes and advanced masterclasses.

Teacher Training Mentorship

Often we procrastinate and simply think it’s too late, we are not good enough, are tone deaf or think there is no hope. But this isn’t true, singing is a skill that can be learnt for life. In so many ways music is a part of our lives and our culture, and it’s fantastic to build skill and confidence in this area

Professional Artist

Establish Your Sound & Explore Other Styles

As an artist, we understand it is very important to have your own unique sound but also believe it beneficial to have the vocal skills to be versatile. Many of our professional singers keep the work coming in by being able to sing in a variety of genres which ultimately expands their vocal ability and exposure.

Singing Lessons For Adults
Teacher Training Mentorship

Teacher Training Program

We also have a teacher training program that can develop your teaching skills, which is a great job that can provide stable income as you are building your singing career. The teacher training program provides you with an introduction on how to train a voice. You are given both theoretical and hands-on practical training tasks throughout the structured program.

Candidates for the program are chosen based on vocal ability, teaching potential and an interview. Program fee applies and limited candidates placements per program. Send your resume in for the next intake. Graduates of this program are then eligible to apply for work within Unlock Your Voice and receive the full training necessary to meet the standards of teaching at the school. Contact us for more information!

The Professional Singing Lifestyle

Over time and for different reasons, professional singers may discover that they develop vocal issues. A professional voice can still experience fatigue, which can reduce range, control and quality of the voice, weakened support systems or feel unchallenged or frustrated in their line of work.

This is not uncommon in the music industry with professional artists. Whatever the issue may be, we can help you tackle these problem areas and improve the quality of your singing lifestyle. We offer intensive coaching leading up to performance events or specialised lessons in artist packaging. We stick to your vision and work with you to bring the best out of you

Teacher Training Mentorship

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