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Note for Parents:

We monitor teens voices closely during these important years of growth and development to ensure they develop correct technique and healthy voices for life.

It's Never Too Late!

Whether online or in the studio, we have wonderful private or group singing classes with our incredible vocal coaches!

We believe that you can improve your voice and get confidence and direction in your singing. Once you are shown the fundamentals of singing, you can take your singing wherever you want to go! We help you to find your own unique sound by teaching healthy use of the voice and good techniques. Good singing technique means you can sing how you want and when you want. Explore your dreams, and learn to sing songs by your biggest influences. It’s never too late to start! Share your voice with the world…or just in your bedroom! From studio recordings of your favourite songs to producing your own YouTube clips to performing a group song at our next event. We can make your voice heard.

Tailored Singing Lessons for Beginners

At Unlock Your Voice, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach curriculum; instead, it’s tailored to resonate with the unique quality and potential of each child. Our lessons incorporate a wide range of musical genres, from pop to rock and beyond. 


Engaging, enjoyable, and relevant music lessons for our young learners!


Our instructors use teaching methods to match the learning styles of teenagers.

Equipping Adults to Sing
Equipping Adults to Sing

Building Confidence Through Singing

Singing is a powerful tool that develops the most fundamental life skill – Confidence.


Our lessons go beyond vocal techniques; they empower teens to find their inner strength and self-assuredness. 


Through singing, teens learn to conquer performance anxiety, express their emotions, and communicate with conviction. These newfound skills extend far beyond the studio, bolstering their self-confidence in-school presentations, social interactions, and personal pursuits.

Discover Your Unique Sound With Our Singing Lessons for Teens

At Unlock Your Voice, we’re passionate about helping teens discover their unique musical identity. Our instructors use a combination of innovative techniques and personalized coaching to nurture individuality in each student’s singing style. 


From vocal exercises that highlight their strengths to guidance on song selection that resonates with their authentic voice, we prioritize a healthy vocal signature. This ensures that teens explore their unique sound, in a way that safeguards their vocal well-being, for a lifelong love of singing and self-expression.

Equipping Adults to Sing

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Yes. It can be learned.

Ready to launch into new possibilities with your singing in 2022?

Now is the time to jump in and move to the next level with your vocal freedom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Motivate your child to practice singing with these small tips, 

  • Begin with short practice sessions, and gradually extend them as their skills develop.
  • Focus on spending time learning to sing, rather than specific songs. 

Our singing instructors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of daily practice to achieve the best results.

The choice between group and private singing lessons for teens depends on individual preferences and goals. 

  • Group lessons are perfect for those who enjoy collaborative learning, group performances, and developing ensemble skills. 
  • Private lessons offer personalised attention, focusing on the unique strengths and weaknesses of each teen. 

So, choose what your child would prefer more on the basis of their learning style and social atmosphere.

At Unlock Your Voice, we offer private singing lessons, available in-person or online. These lessons complement our weekly band rehearsals, which boost confidence and foster teamwork. While private singing classes are available, we encourage students to participate in band rehearsals to experience group dynamics and the opportunity to lead vocals in a rock band setting.

There is no such thing as an ‘Ideal Age’ when it comes to passion for singing. If your child is passionate about singing, you will notice it before they can even speak. Some young children have exceptionally started singing and performing. Visit our resource on determining the best age for your child to begin voice lessons for valuable tips and signs indicating their readiness.

Yes, Unlock Your Voice provides online music courses so that your teens can learn to sing from their homes. Discover more about our online music lessons and how to get started today.