12-18 years

Singing Lessons for Teenagers ...
It's Never Too Late!

We believe that you can improve your voice and get confidence and direction in your singing. Once you are shown the fundamentals of singing, you can take your singing where ever you want to go! We help you to find your own unique sound by teaching healthy use of the voice and good techniques. Good singing technique means you can sing how you want when you want. Explore your dreams, learn to sing songs by your biggest influences. Its never too late to start! Share your voice with the world.. or just in your bedroom! From studio recordings of your favourite songs to producing your own youtube clips to performing a group song at our next event. We can make your voice heard.

Note for Parents:

 We monitor teens voices closely during these important years of growth and development to ensure they develop correct technique and healthy voices for life.

Limited spaces left for 2018 Jan -March
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