Kids Lessons


4-12 years

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Kids Singing Lessons Sydney. Give your children the gift of singing…
For life!

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We passionately believe that every child can learn to enjoy their voice for life! Most children love to sing, but often don’t have the confidence or natural skill to do so. It is not uncommon for children to sing out of tune if they haven’t had lessons to show them how to use their voice, they simply enjoy singing and are not inhibited. At Unlock Your Voice, we give children a learning environment where their skill increases and they become more confident and consistent in their singing. We train good technique as well as a good attitude to their singing.  We also have classes during the day for mums and bubs!!

8-12 tweens

Our tweens use their favourite popular songs to develop vocal technique and singing skills for life. We provide a relaxed and encouraging environment for them to explore their voice in different styles and genres.

Kids singing lessons Sydney offer private lessons or group classes where they can make their own youtube videos, prepare for concerts or competitions and participate in vocal recordings at the end of a school term. No matter what level they are at in their singing we can help them set and achieve their goals.

Favourites: Our tweens love developing skills in harmony, individual performance on mic and small group classes to share favourite songs with others and build confidence singing in front of others.

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