Singing Lessons

My vocal style I haven’t tried to copy from anyone. It just developed until it became the girlish whine it is today. Robert Plant


Experience one-on-one lessons with your own private vocal coach! Private lessons take a personal approach and you are given a full vocal analysis with customised exercises to optimise your development. Your teacher will help you through all areas of the voice including vocal foundations and techniques, building confidence, repertoire, goal setting, microphone technique and more! Private lessons can be ongoing or used for short and long term goals.

Join a group and learn with others. Practice your singing skills while being taught the vocal techniques in a group environment. This is an affordable and fun way to learn! We have group classes designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels, so there is a group to suit you with a maximum class size of 4-6. This is one of the fastest ways to learn as a singer with your individual needs vocally being developed and building confidence which accelerates your learning and vocal development.


Kid’s lessons are great fun! Our kids classes provide education for all ages in a stimulating, positive and affirming environment. Our young singers are introduced to the basics of breathing and vocal technique through ongoing tuition as they gain confidence and advance their vocal skills.

We incorporate structured learning in an exciting way and help children discover their own inner voice through songs! Children learn differently to adults so we provide teaching methods that are specialised to your child’s age, interests and capabilities. Private and group classes are available.


Lessons with a specific focus on preparation and support for both public performance (competitions, original songs, shows) and for the recording studio. There are fundamental performance concepts that work to engage an audience and get your message across in an effective way. We can also prepare you for studio recordings whether for a demo or original recording. We work in conjunction with reliable and quality industry recording studio technicians. You will be coached on how to prepare for and make the most out of your studio time to produce an outstanding end product.


Skype lessons are perfert for students who do not live near one of our studios. This is an excellent way to get our personalized coaching, feedback and training without having to travel long distances. We find many students who have found it very difficult to find a local teacher can book with confidence and grow in their skills with ease through these lessons.



We also run programs for singing teachers who are wanting guidance in their growth and development. Whether you are beginning as a teacher or have been teaching for years and would like feedback, consultancy or input on with your school or students.

We run a 10 week hands on introductory course for teachers starting out which helps with starting your school, curriculum guidelines and development, vocal assessment techniques and business development training. We also offer private training and consultancy sessions on an on-going basis to help you as you establish and build your school.