Can anyone sing?

It’s the age old question? Is anyone a singer?

I hear the story time and time again of how as a child people would make comments like “don’t give up your day job” or “maybe singings not your thing” or bluntly “you can’t sing”. Dreams are crushed and little hearts give up. However, so many children sing out of tune until they hit puberty and unfortunately are often led to believe they probably shouldn’t try. This then is carried through to adult hood where those words become beliefs and steal that possibility of learning to sing and the freedom and joy that can bring in a world saturated with song.

From my experience people definately have differing levels of natural skill in all areas of life, however most need training. It has astounded me how often I have students come in with a beautiful, natural talent but never practice. Then another student walks in with a very average voice, they practice and within a year they are more advanced that the student that came in with the natural talent and didn’t practice. Developing skills and understanding your voice really can bring amazing results.

I guess it comes down to how much you want it. If you are willing to the do the work and trust the process you can achieve your goals. Once you understand how your voice works and set about training it people are genuinely stunned at what they can achieve. I have found even if students don’t practice their voice starts to unlock as they learn how to use it properly. They do get to their vocal goal but it just takes a little longer.

All of them say it’s worth it!! And the adults always say they wish they had of done it sooner…

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