Vocal Changes in Adulthood


Have you ever had someone say to you, “Singing is like a good cup of tea”?

It warms you up from the inside, but sometimes it spills and burns your tongue. If you’re an adult trying to belt out your favourite tunes, you’ve probably noticed your voice isn’t quite the same as it was during those teenage garage band days. This article is all about navigating those vocal changes in adulthood and tweaking your singing technique to match. Let’s dive in…


Understanding That Our Voice Change

Just like fine wine and cheese, our voices mature, too. But unlike wine, sometimes our vocal cords don’t get better with age. They can get a bit… grumpy. Think of your voice as a vintage car– it’s got character but needs a bit more TLC.

Our vocal cords are like the strings of a guitar, and over time, they can get a bit worn. This can lead to a change in pitch, tone, and even range. It’s not just about hitting those high notes. It is about understanding and working with the new you.


Learning Techniques That Help

As the old saying goes, “It is never too late to learn new tricks!” 

Here are some singing techniques tailored for us more ‘seasoned’ vocalists:


1. Breath Control: The Foundation of Great Singing.

Breathe as if you’re trying to inflate a bouncy castle. Go deep and steady. Practice breathing exercises—it’s like yoga for your lungs.


2. Warm-Up: Don’t Skip the Pre-Show Party

Vocal warm-ups are like stretching before a run. They prevent you from pulling a… vocal muscle. Humming, lip trills, and scales are your best friends!


3. Pitch Perfect: Navigating the Highs and Lows

As our voices age, our range can change. It is suddenly realising you can’t eat as much spicy food anymore. Work on pitch exercises to understand this new range your discovering.


4. Volume Control: It is Not Always About Being the Loudest

Learn to project your voice without shouting. Think more Beyoncé but with less yelling at the kids.


5. Diction: Clarity is Key

Articulation exercises help. Practice tongue twisters. Yep, they are not just for kids.


6. Emotion: Sing with Your Heart

Singing is like storytelling. Put a bit of passion into it as if you’re telling a dramatic story at a barbecue.


7. Practice Makes Perfect, or At Least Better

Practice, practice… and then practice some more! It is like learning to make the perfect pavlova – it takes time and patience.


At The End of The Day, Sing Like No One’s Listening


Vocal Changes in Adulthood


In conclusion, always remember that singing in adulthood is a journey. 

It is about embracing the changes and making the most out of your unique voice. Whether you’re in the shower, in the car, or on stage, keep singing and keep enjoying it!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my voice really improve at my age?
    Absolutely! It’s like learning to cook; you get better with practice.

  • What if I’m just starting to learn singing as an adult?
    No worries! It’s like starting a new TV series; you might be late to the party, but the experience is still fantastic.

  • Are there specific songs better suited for adult voices?
    Yes, songs with a range that matches your current voice are best. It’s like choosing clothes that fit you now, not when you were 20.

  • How often should I practice singing?
    Regular practice is key. Think of it like watering a plant – a little bit often is better than a lot all at once.

  • Can I still perform in public?
    Of course! It’s like dancing at a wedding – if you enjoy it, who cares about the rest?

  • What’s the best way to take care of my voice?
    Stay hydrated, avoid shouting, and give your voice rest. Treat it like a precious instrument.

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