Has your child ever shown an interest in learning to sing? Or perhaps you’ve noticed something in them when they are singing or humming a tune. Experience has shown us that every child and teenager possesses a unique talent. For some, it’s an interest or talent in sports or art, while others are gifted with a good voice. Not every child, however, is born with these unique talents and just like learning a new sport, singing can be learned.


When a child walks into our singing school, they are coming to us because it’s a fun activity. If you notice your child loves singing all the time, and you feel they could do with a little bit of guidance to sing better, then the gift of singing lessons may be the perfect way to develop your child’s singing skills, so they can learn to sing correctly with confidence, and you can enjoy their voice even more.

Singing Can be Learned! 

Developing Singing Skills in Kids and Teenagers through vocal lessons for kids is much like going to the gym to build certain levels of fitness or muscle definition. Your child’s or teenager’s natural singing ability requires training and guidance to truly shine. Singing is not intuitive – it needs to be learned. Just like talking must be mimicked to learn – babies do not learn to talk if they don’t have someone to mimic and learn from. This is a common misconception – very few find it naturally, in fact, only 1% do.


That’s right! Singing Can Be Learned!


Singing lessons can help kids and teenagers develop proper pitch, breathing techniques, vocal control, and other fundamental elements that transform raw talent into a skilled performance.


Vocal Training Fosters Confidence and Discipline for Young Singers

When it comes to singing lessons and vocal coaching, we’re referring to more than just hitting the right notes or accurately singing a song.


Vocal training for young singers fosters discipline, confidence, and practice. It enhances the ability to concentrate and improves patience. It also aids in developing a sense of rhythm and timing, a musical ear, and an understanding of music theory in the older students.


Your Child’s Singing Journey Can Start at Home

While professional instruction with a singing teacher and coach plays a critical role, practising at home is equally important in honing singing skills. Here are some tips to help your child make the most of their home practice sessions or when participating in singing lessons online at home:


  • Create a Dedicated Practice Space: Find a quiet, comfortable area with good acoustics that allow for uninterrupted practice and progress. It could be a favourite corner in your home, a dedicated empty room, or your garden.
  • Warm Up the Vocal Cords: Simple exercises like humming, doing lip trills, or performing scales prepare the voice and prevent strain. A good warm up takes at least 30 minutes, so your voice won’t be tired. If you haven’t checked out our warm-up videos, reach out to us, and we can point you in the right direction.
  • Establish a Regular Routine: Consistency is key in learning, so encourage your child to practice at the same time each day. Your child can start as early as after breakfast, especially since the voice also needs time to come out of sleep or in the late afternoon where the voice becomes more cooperative.
  • Utilise an Online Tuner and Digital Tools: Digital tools can assist in staying in tune and improving pitch. Platforms like Guitar Tuna or Tuner Online are available via the web.  – It has been proven that even without practice, children improve because they use the tools every time they sing around the house. This is important because a lot of parents don’t put their kids in lessons if they’re not practising, but the exposure to the environment and tools build and make a huge difference.
  • Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is just the first step to helping your child sing better. It’s been proven however that water, although a great start, is not enough. Posture, rest and a healthy diet can all help with singing better. 

Singing Lessons Online and In-Studio: Bridging the Gap

In today’s digital age, learning shouldn’t be restricted by location or time. With our online singing lessons, the world becomes your child’s classroom. Our expert teachers deliver voice lessons for singing right to your home, making learning engaging, effective and available any time, anywhere.


However, if the traditional music learning experience is what you’re after, we offer private and group lessons in our studios in Bondi Junction and across Sydney. These in-studio sessions offer real-time feedback, interaction with peers, and the tangible experience of music, enriching their learning journey.


Voice Lessons for Singing: An Investment in the Future


Investing in regular vocal lessons is not merely investing time and effort—it’s investing in your child’s talent, skill, self-esteem, and confidence – and for some children potentially, a future career. Regardless of whether they become a professional singer or a hobbyist, these lessons will serve them for a lifetime.

Are you ready to unlock your child’s singing potential? 

At Unlock Your Voice, we offer vocal lessons for kids tailored to the needs and abilities of young singers. Both online and in-studio classes are available, providing options that suit your convenience.

Unlock your child’s or teenager’s inner superstar and let them find their confidence and their voice, and of course sing their favourite songs better. 


View our classes or give us a call. We are passionate about helping each student to build confidence and find their unique voice and assist them in their musical journey. And if you have a child that’s under 10 years of age, give us a call, so we can chat further about our fulfilled classes for kids.